What is Funance?

In short, Funance teaches personal finance to kids. Funance offers free and understandable content geared towards youth. Most of the content will be in the form of illustrations and comics. We will also implement worksheets and videos if we have the time. While anyone can access the content, we believe it's best suited for older youth (12+) solely because of some of the personal finance vocabulary. We don't go into the harder concepts, but by the time we finish with most of the comics, the audience should have introductory and wide-range knowledge of personal finance.

Who are the creators of the illustrations?

That would be the team behind Funance. You can learn more about them by going to the About Us tab. Right now, there are three creators. Sabrina designs and draws the lineart, Crystal puts in the color and works on backgrounds, and Angelica cleans up the art by adding speech bubbles and fixing minor mistakes. We hope to add on more creators in the future.

Is there a membership for Funance?

Definitely not. We hope to register as a non-profit organization soon. We do not see membership as a means of keeping this site alive. Right now, we are all working for free because we enjoy our work. We don't expect to make any money now or in the future.

Will there be more than just comics?

For now, we can only focus on comics because, 1. They are relatively easy to create 2. They are easier to understand than a block of text. We could always write content, but we want to make personal finance FUN for children and teens. However, we might consider written content or explanatory videos (animations or skits) in the future. We have also decided to implement quizzes at the end of each comic, and worksheets at the monthly or so. It really depends on how much time and energy we have for this website in the near future.

What can parents/guardians/educators do?

We recommend parents, guardians, and educators to be very involved in this process. Our comics are probably not enough. You could always bring up topics naturally. You could talk about comparison shopping at the grocery store. You could talk about loans when discussing the future (college loans, renting, car loans, etc.) There are many ways for parents to get involved in their children's financial education. You can also go onto the For Parents tab to learn more about what you can do. Be sure to check out government-funded websites, such as money.gov and so on!

How can I support Funance?

We really hope for word-of-mouth publicizing. It doesn't have to be literally word of mouth. You could share our website through your social medias, such as Facebook or Twitter or WeChat. We think parents tend to trust other parents or adults more than a bunch of high school students, haha. You could also donate. That is not an option right now, and it's only if you want to. Sharing our website between your circle of friends will already help a lot!

Can I work with Funance? Can I join the team?

Unfortunately, we are not looking for any new team members right now. We will definitely increase the size of the team, but we do not have the resources or time to do that right now. Just realize that we are all high school students in our third year of high school. We do not have the means to control adults or tens of other students in other schools or states. If we do decide to open up our team for collaborators and artists, we will let you all know. We encourage people to apply then and maybe become a contributor in forms of comics or written blog posts. For now, you will just have to stay tuned :)