Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Funance Summer Finance Series?

The Funance Summer Finance Series, or FSFS for short, is a summer program for kids in elementary school to high school. The programs are broken up into three distinct grade levels: elementary, junior, and high school. This is a mandatory placement and we will only allow students to go into the program as ascertained by their grade level. The program offers multiple sessions and will follow a schedule. We strongly encourage participation in every date of the program, because we will be working on projects for some of the time. There is a strong theme of learning through hands on projects, as well as an emphasis on the communication skills that come with learning finance. For more information, visit the Summer page.

Who can participate in the program?

Every child can join, as long as space allows. However, we do not believe the participation limit will be reached. Although, if it is reached, we will try to find a way to let parents and guardians know before hand. There are limited steps to joining and participating: 1. We are not allowed to reserve spots. The program is first come first serve, essentially, for most of the time. 2. We highly encourage participation in every day of the program. Of course, emergencies or other activities happen. Please let us know beforehand so we can fill out the according worksheets and notes for your child. 3. Join our email list to know the specific dates and times of our programs. If there are any questions or inquiries, please email or

What will the program teach?

This is an abridged version of our answer: We will teach different materials to different grade levels. Students at these levels absorb and understand the information differently; we want to ensure that every student enjoys the time at our program. Please email us for a lengthy list of the subjects we will teach. We will also release promotional materials that dictate what we will cover over the course of our programs.

How long are the programs?

This will depend on the grade level of the program. The course for elementary school students will be around 3-5 days. The course for junior high students will be around 5-6 days. The course for high school students will be around 5-7 days. This is subject to change. As of right now, we have not decided on the frequency of the sessions. They will be either daily, biweekly, or weekly. The team behind Funance is also very busy during the summer, so please try to understand.