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Great Financial Literacy Programs in the Bay Area (Series 1)

Greetings, friends. Long time no see. The team is mostly all seniors now, and right in the midst of college applications ... (unfortunately...)

Please take a few minutes to review some of these great organizations and non-profits that work hard to ensure greater financial literacy in our surrounding region.

Bay Area Financial Education Foundation

This local program is set right in San Francisco and offers a multitude of programs. Some of its past programs include a Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition that combined articles with interdisciplinary learning. Right now BAFEF is also offering its Junior Achievement program where volunteers and mentor teach real world skills and lessons to youth from K to 12. To learn more about the BAFEF, visit this website:

YWCA - Berkeley and Oakland

The YWCA has a long history (125+ years) in the Berkeley and Oakland region! The main focus of YWCA is empowerment and action. The YWCA has many programs, but the one we will specifically talk about today is its Young Women Financial Literacy Program. This program hosts many events and workshops for youth and for women. It even has a summit specifically for high school students. Overall, this organization has many amazing events. You may learn more about the YWCA here:

These 2 are all I have for now. There are definitely more in the greater San Francisco - Bay Area! I will update this series with more workshops, events, and organizations that I find useful and impactful.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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