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Introducing Monia!

Long time no post ... Oops. We return again ... We finished finals a little over two weeks ago and we're just getting back into the groove. We're excited for the things we've got coming up next, as we move away from the introductory comics and go more in depth for each sector.

We try to make comics as fast as we can, and it seems like right now we're moving extraordinarily fast ... so just bear with us. We'll get the comics out shortly!

Let's introduce Monia. Her art looks different, doesn't it? It's less refined, there's no panels, and it's more minimalistic and abstract. This is because she explains vocabulary that is not fully covered in the comics, and we will not focus on her surroundings or other people. She explains concepts and terms through diagrams, illustrations, anecdotes, and so on.

Without further ado ... Monia!

Stay tuned! We still have one or two more introductory comics coming out.

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