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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Hello! I am Sabrina, the founder of Funance, which stands for "Finance for Fun."

I started this project in the summer of '18. Start as in, daydreaming about it, turning the idea over in my head, forming a website that still has WIX in its domain ... It wasn't until the start of the school year that I really started thinking about this concept: personal financial education geared specifically towards elementary and middle school students. Even high school students are welcome to this website. The vocabulary will be a little hard for younger students to understand, but vocabulary will also be explained.

I have asked for help from two close friends, Angelica and Crystal. Angelica and I have previously thought about another project: MIVOS, which I should explain stands for Mentorships, Internships, Volunteering, Opportunities for Students. We were pretty excited about MIVOS, too. Except ...

Something similar already existed in our city. Obviously we can't just do something that already exists in our area. So, I began thinking more about personal finance.

Personal finance is something that I, myself, am interested in especially. I am part of FBLA, and I was part of DECA (both clubs which I encourage students to check out!), and in both of them I did competitive events relating to Personal Finance.

I thought the topic was very important. Most students don't know personal finance today. Before, it was taught as curriculum in high school classes (many would know this is Home Economics or regular Economics). While schools still offer Macro and Microeconomics, my school offers this as an AP ... which we can only take in twelfth grade. Twelfth grade is a little late, isn't it? By then most of us would have already started writing applications for colleges ... and thinking about money matters just doesn't seem as important anymore.

We shouldn't have to enter college without a basic understanding of how money works in relation to our surroundings. For example, at the bank, I have to think: checking account or savings account? Which card should I use? How do I pay back the balance? As we progress through life, we need personal finance. It's crucial to our success and livelihood.

That's why I created Funance. It's a website that provides access to lots of personal financial content. We have categories like Credit and Debt, Investments, Retirement, and more. In those categories, FFF will dig deeper into more specific topics, such as how to write a check, how to read a bank statement, the different types of retirement plans, etc. As each "character arc" wraps up, the lessons learned should provide a comprehensive and thorough coverage of basic to more advanced personal finance topics.

I hope to make the content as fun as possible, so we will create characters that resemble our audience, and who have revolving storylines and arcs ... all while teaching important concepts. The content will be in styles of comics, but panels will sometimes be broken up with text in between, which allows for more explanation of the difficult passages.

And, of course, we will always cite our information. The last thing FFF wants to do is feed wrong information to the audience.

We hope that you will have fun when going through our website! Good luck in your future endeavors!



Lead Creator of Funance


P.S. You might be wondering when comics are posted. They are posted usually around once a month for each character - we work with each storyline and subject concurrently - and please, PLEASE know that we try to get this out as fast as we can. We are all high school juniors and busy with a lot of things. We hope you can understand! :)

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