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TIP: Self-Care and Relaxation

We've all been there. Days when we struggle to wake up in the morning .. when we don't feel like going to school and staying awake for another 6 hours ... why is school that long anyway?!

Everyone needs some Mental Health days - relaxation days, or self-care days, if you prefer. This is especially true for students in high school, as I am sure they are going through a large course-load, with family and sport and club and job responsibilities piled right on top. I believe Mental Health days are even important to students in middle school.

You need to take care of your body. If you are sick, please stay home. If you need a day to unwind, see if you can. Ask your parents. Make sure your homework is good and ready to go for your teachers, though!

Here are our tips for self-care and relaxation:

1. Get yourself into the habit of a good sleeping schedule.

Youth need around 8-10 hours of good sleep to maintain health. Why? Because your brains are still developing! You are still growing, and sleep is imperative for that - and for your growth hormones. Don't use your phone or any device before you sleep. Wean yourself off of blue-light interaction as much as you can. Get those 8-10 hours of sleep. Your future you will thank you. (Wow, that's a lot of 'you's!')

2. Drink plenty of water!

Drink that water. Your body needs a certain amount of water to keep your insides healthy. You constantly sweat out the liquid you have in your body, so you must replenish that.

3. Stay on track with your responsibilities.

This is, arguably, one of the hardest things to do. It is just so hard staying on top of everything you need to do - homework. Sports. Walking the dog. Practicing the violin. Taking care of your younger sibling. It is hard, definitely, but necessary. Practice a good work ethic, and use calendars, use lists, anything, to help you stay on track, and to stay focused. This way you will procrastinate less, and save that extra time for emergencies, like - the test is TOMORROW?! and events like that.


YOU KNOW YOURSELF THE BEST! Not your teacher. Not your friends. Not your mom or dad or grandma. YOU! You know your limits. You know when you should stop. If you don't - then I suggest that you try figuring this out as soon as possible. Please, know where your limits are ... and know what you have to do if you begin to approach that level.

5. Take breaks.

This is a common tip for almost any circumstance. Take breaks. Don't feel that you cannot take breaks when you're studying or doing something that takes time and effort. Replenish your energy, stay focused, and eat that energy bar.

6. Find what makes YOU happy ... and remember it.

The tip is simple as that. Find your safe space .. your happy space. And know how to get there. Maybe it's through music. Who do you enjoy listening to? What type of music? Perhaps it is a TV show, like The Office, or Parks and Rec. Maybe you find peace in playing an instrument, coloring, reading. Whatever it is, don't forget to treat yourself. It's self-care, my friend.

7. Try weird relaxation strategies.

I'm no expert on these: fair discretion. There are many breathing strategies designed to relieve stress. For example, inhale-exhale for a set interval. You can exercise to keep your mind stress-free. You can go get a massage, go to the park, talk to the birds. I won't judge. What I'm suggesting is that you seek these experiences if nothing else works. Maybe try meditation. Jog around the lake. Sort out the garden. There are so many things I can suggest - but ultimately it's your decision.

Self-care is so important. You need to keep your body healthy. Your mind healthy. Nobody can force you to enjoy and relax yourself. It is your own choice. Please remember that your own health and your emotions are the most important things - they keep you alive! If you have any questions, feel free to email us through our email, or use the Contact Us feature, or the Chat feature. Stay healthy! Stay safe!

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