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Update #1

Happy holidays! Happy new year!

Hey guys. It's me, Sabrina. Here's an update on Funance so far -

Sorry for not uploading anything. We've all had a very busy week, to tell you the truth. We're getting ready for finals. Usually, the time around Winter Break is the busiest time of all for us students. I hope nobody minds about not having any comic updates.

We've definitely been working on some new characters, though. Hopefully they will be published in a few days. Crystal, Angelica, and I are very excited to release more comics. After we release introduction comics, we will finally get into the meat of Funance. I've already written a list on the topics we will cover for each subject. I hope I can put that list somewhere - maybe I'll add it to this post later.

We also purchased a domain. is now officially ours! I hope to turn Funance into a non-profit organization. Lots of paperwork, but I think a NPO is better than a for-profit or LLC.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

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