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What's Coming Soon?

Summer is almost here ... and with summer comes Aqua Adventure visits, heat and mosquitoes, and summer programs. We encourage your child to pursue academic endeavors even during summer. They can do so using free resources such as Khanacademy or other websites geared towards education. Children can also exercise and visit parks, play tennis, and so on.

We encourage your child to come to Funance's first annual summer program series. We are considering several venues, such as the Fremont Teen Center or the Warm Springs recreation center. We are also considering the Fremont or Milpitas library, but those are limited in space.

Planning a summer program is a lot of work on our part. Because we are a student-run organization, we do not have a lot of funds. We will request optional donations at our program to ensure we have the funds to print, buy, etc.

As for the topics, I am personally curating a list of possible activities, games, and content that I feel every child should learn. Among this list is definitely the time power of money, how interest works, and simple calculations.

Please visit our Summer tab to suggest more topics that you want us to cover.

As for the program itself, we will release more information closer to the beginning of summer. We will start an emailing campaign to inform parents of sessions, sign-ups, donations, and material. We also plan on hosting a parent informational meeting.

There will be more than 1 session offered, especially because we have a lot of time on our hands. We plan on separating elementary and junior high students into separate sessions. Sessions are on a weekly basis (this is to be determined later). However, we want to conduct sessions like a summer camp. This means a group of students who always come, allowing for more friendly interactions over time. This leads to the problem of sign-ups. If we host the program at a library, we are mandated to allow everyone in. We could do this, but our summer programs are interconnected and will lead to the finale at the last day of the session.

That is one issue we are currently discussing. We will come to an agreement before summer. We will also post more information through Nextdoor.

We hope you look forward to our summer program!

- Funance team

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